Taurus season has officially kicked my ass (and happy New Moon!)

Taurus season came charging into my life like an emotional bull in a china shop.

My life was the china. The bull was relationships ending and getting notice I have to move out of my apartment within a short period of time (which was very, very unexpected). Oh, and the power was off for several hours at a time over a couple of days. And I forgot to pay my internet bill (again.) And some other overwhelming (yet so, so amazing) stuff happened.

Or, is the china the relationship? The apartment? The comforts I once had in place? I think this is the way to look at it. THIS IS WHAT THE SAYING REALLY MEANS.

Just because I need some extra sensual (or stubborn) energy right now, the New Moon in Taurus descends upon us early Tuesday, May 15 morning. (Side note + further reading if you wanna start a New Moon Ritual: Close to this time last year, it occurred April 26!)

According to Elephant Journal:

This new moon will feel gentle, but it is also going to flip our lives upside down and shake them up a little—just for long enough so we recognise how we are communicating, and who and what we are prioritising.

Given that I’ve just had the most intense three weeks of my adult life that quite literally changed my life as I knew it, I want to put my hands over my eyes and plead ignorance.

I’ve BEEN building on the changes. I don’t HAVE anything left to change. I’m even putting my beloved CD collection on the CURB this week.

Returning to my 21 Jump Street reference: my parents don’t own fine china. My parents are ironically utilitarian – if it doesn’t make serve a very specific, rational purpose, it doesn’t exist. If it makes the smallest bit of sense, it’s hoarded (my favourite choice of judgemental word). Why? I’ve noticed that holding onto things makes them feel comfortable; even the things that have no use NOW might come back to relevance later.

This is what I’m working with right now, I suppose. Taurus is a material-loving sign: decorations, possessions, trophies of all kinds empower the Taurus energy. A luxurious, comfortable home soothes the Taurean soul. But, of course, too much stuff becomes clutter. Comfort can keep you in a box.

Those CDs – my “china” – don’t serve me; they sit in a box in my TV stand on the side that’s covered by the sliding door (plus, Apple Music and Bluetooth speakers are a thing). Those former relationships – although they were once valuable – no longer fill me up the way they should, and they will never again in the same ways they did when they were fresh.

My metaphorical house has been rocked. There’s been an earthquake and I am so, so lucky I considered seismic protection prior to the build (#projectmanager). Now, it’s time to clear out the broken things and make space for things beyond the physical plane to commingle.

What are you purging on this New Moon eve? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter :)