Creator profile: Vix of New Age Hipster on energy protection and connecting with your intuition

A while back, when I was just starting to shift from tarot-curious to tarot-committed, I discovered the New Age Hipster YouTube channel and, naturally, this branding - from her biz name to her tagline 'Where angels wear warefarers' caught my attention. I was lured in by the cleverness, and stayed for the very real wisdom Vix has to offer. 

An intuitive reader and spiritual teacher who makes videos about all things woo woo - tarot, crystals, spirits, manifesting, Vix is definitely one of my mentors who never knew they were my mentors. I'm sure a lot of her followers probably feel that way too. While I was falling in love with this entire magical realm online and off, I had a few key people on Youtube I kept coming back to for the real sustenance. Vix was definitely one of those key people for me, and still is. She shares so openly about her spiritual journey and her online business and visiting her creative kingdom always yields unique treasures. 


So, it was exciting to ask her some deeper questions about her spiritual and biz journey, and pull back the curtain on her hipster magic. Give her a follow for sure and check out what spiritual treats she's brewing up.

You are an intuitive reader / empath and former teacher. How did your gift (if you want to call it that!) make itself evident to you? How have you honed it, as a skill, since then? 

I personally prefer not to use the word “gift” as it makes it out like only certain people have this ability to connect with their intuition, guides and angels and I know for a fact from teaching this stuff in Woo Woo School, that it’s so not true! Anyone who really wants to can develop a clearer connection to their intuition.

I always believed in “something” as a kid. I believed in a higher power, I believed my ancestors and other beings of love were with me (even though I had no idea who they were!), supporting and guiding me on my journey. I could never see them or hear them, I had no incredible visitations or angels appearing to me in the middle of the night, but I always had a feeling that there was more to the world than what I could see.

As I moved into my teen years I was increasingly curious about spirituality and religion. I spent time studying Wicca, working in covens and also spent a bit of time in the church too! But it was only later in life when I found myself in a job that was draining my energy big time and I started working with energy protection that everything started to shift. As soon I started working with my energy I was able to hear and see and communicate with my own guides and start to really trust my intuition and the guidance I received.


How would you describe your creative process? (Or, what does a typical day at work look like for you?)  

Oh, there is no typical day at New Age Hipster HQ! Some days I am working with clients on helping them grow their own spiritual businesses, other days I’m diving deep into someone’s Akashic Records and past lives, meeting their spirit guides on their behalf, recording meditations, creating Tarot spreads or doing the admin stuff like responding to emails or balancing the spreadsheets!

But, no matter what’s on the calendar I always start my day with some yoga and meditation, checking in with my own energy and my own guides. I usually also do a full reading for myself, especially if I’m going to be doing readings for others that day.

Do you have any go-to manifestation tips you always count on? (Moon phases, any specific journal practices, etc.)

Whatever I’m manifesting, I always make sure to get connected with my higher self, my soul self and my heart centre so I can be sure that I’m manifesting in alignment with my best and highest good. Even if I’m just sitting thinking about something I want, I will try to take a minute to put my hand on my heart and ask if my heart really wants this, and if it does, I ask my team to help me bring it in!

Do you have any signs that you're being guided / going in the right direction (like recurring numbers?) How could someone start to ‘see’ those for themselves?

3 is my life path number and so when I see a lot of 3’s I know I’m in alignment with my life path!


I feel like the universe is communicating with us constantly through signs and symbols! We just have to keep our eyes open. Move through your day with the intention to notice the signs. See every billboard, conversation you overhear, shuffled song on a playlist, number pattern, animal or other symbol as a potential sign. The more we do this the more we begin to work out what our personal signs and symbols are and the ways in which the universe is communicating with us personally.

What daily self-care routines are you loving right now? 

Working with essential oils is a really nice way to give yourself self some lovin’! I have been diffusing a blend of lime, rosemary and frankincense this week.

I don’t do it daily, but one of my fave things to do when I need a bit of a break from the daily grind is to make a massive bowl of popcorn and watch Gaia TV. I do love a nice long salt bath every now and then, but honestly, pizza and beer and a movie is one of the best ways I know of to recharge my vibes!

What advice do you have for empaths living / working in the city who want to protect their energy?

Shield yourself! Put up your protection bubble (literally just visualise yourself in a ball of light!), but don’t do it with the intention that everyone else is out to get you, do it to keep your own energy clear. When we start looking at energy protection as a me versus you situation it just lowers the whole vibe.

If you work with someone challenging or struggle with all the energy during rush hour keep your bubble bright but keep your heart chakra open! One of my favourite mantras to use when I’m in a very busy place is “we are all connected,” it can really help shift us from seeing everyone else’s energy as the enemy and instead help us shine our own light even brighter!

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