We manifested a podcast!


Friends! We are so excited to share that, on the heels of Elizabeth's third poetry chapbook launch last month, we made our podcast debut on iTunes! 

The first episode of The Salvage podcast is a quick, 12-minute "minisode" in which I interview Elizabeth about the inspiration behind her chapbook, Softening. We talk feminism and the female body (and the journey to being at ease in one), the Saturn return period of one's life (currently a big topic for us!), being politically engaged and how to deal with anger, and the power of writing to process and articulate all the above. 

We packed a lot into this minisode. Listen and enjoy! Let us know what you think. 

We'll def be recording more robust, meaty conversations in the near future on topics like the creative process, the cosmos, wellness, dreams and realities, and no doubt - much more. In the meantime, we're just working on making our audio sound like we're not speaking to you from like, underwater. Baby steps, right?

ANYWAY we'd love to know what you'd be curious to hear from us - two astro-curious creatrix's as we navigate the world (inner and outer!) with a focus on expanding our minds and souls and sharing from a deep place! That's our goal for this podcast - to connect with peeps who want to do the same.

Thanks for listening!