I'm so excited for #SalvageCreativeRenewal and this important giveaway

Our First Ever online challenge/mini-workshop/manifestation is starting this weekend, on March 11. Last night, Kait and I sat down to brainstorm some sweet pet names to begin every email, and we actually...wrote out the first email that'll be hitting our participants' inboxes this Wednesday (omg...TOMORROW).  The Salvage's Creative Renewal Challenge is officially coming to life!

We (Kait + myself) have made a pact that we're going to be active as hell during this challenge. We'll be posting on our personal Instagram pages every day alongside our friends. My Mercury in Aries can't wait to continue over-sharing with you, and see Kait's Virgo Moon explore opening up. 

The next best thing I could possibly announce: we've partnered with mother-daughter duo Love My Mat for a GIVEAWAY of epic proportions! All participants who sign up for the challenge by March 10 will be entered to win one Classic Yoga Mat Bag and one bottle of Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner (made with only FOUR ingredients!!). How lush is that? 

Love My Mat offers custom, hand-made yoga and meditation accessories with organic materials. They also created my favourite eye pillow ever - and I cannot live without it now. So go on and join us...and get ready to be creatively restored in time for Spring :)

Please note that there is a $5 CAD minimum donation to join the challenge - giving us the opportunity to grow and amplify the experience now and in the future! However, $5 can be a lot for some, and I'm happy to connect if you'd like to join but this isn't a possibility for you.