Join our spring Creative Renewal Challenge

2018-02-05 14_45_53-Creators Workshop January 13, 2018 - Google Drive.png

I've been wanting to do this for a while...but have only recently figured out how I wanna execute it.

Inspired by numerous Instagram challenges, my thirst for connection, the upcoming #ARIESSZN and appreciation for Bryonie Wise, we're ready to launch our Creative Renewal Challenge :)

From March 11 - 25, we'll be sending daily inspiration straight to your inbox for a donation of $5 CAD. These things take time and effort on our end, so we hope you understand the donation...but if that amount is stopping you, reach out to us directly and we can work something out! 

What it is:

  • A way to get INSPIRED AF for the spring
  • A way to connect with US and OTHER CREATIVES directly
  • A self-guided practice
  • Probably gonna be frustrating when you're blocked, but it's also...
  • A support system to nurture and develop your creative process

What it isn't:

  • A fucking sham
  • A popularity contest (or contest at all)
  • Really expensive
  • Nonsensical (like those yoga pose challenges wtf)
  • An Instagram challenge!! You pick how you wanna participate!!

Doesn't that sound amazing?! I might be biased, but it will definitely be fun.

For more information (including sign up and all that), visit our events page. If you need more information, shoot us an email or leave a comment below.