A 3-card tarot spread for your Pisces Season feels

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The sun moved into Pisces on the February 18, where it’ll stay for the next 30 days. We have a month of feels ahead of us, peeps. 

Pisces is the dreamer and healer of the zodiac, and it exists to dive deeper. It strives for connection with the divine and will zip right past the superficial. It brings an intuitive, High Priestess energy and is super empathic – but it can also be escapist. Pisces can drown in its own depths.

With this watery energy in the spotlight this next few weeks, we’ll need to guard our thoughts and protect our energy perhaps more than usual (so if you feel the need to retreat, and take more time for you, do it). However, there's also an opportunity to use the heightened awareness to identify what is ready to heal in us now: what's ready to move on out and be released?

Pisces season is an invitation to find out. 

I love how Liz Worth framed it:

Pisces follows Aquarius, where we connect to ideas of our future selves, so that we can forge new connections to the soul’s purpose. (Pisces season) is where we can allow our old selves and identities to pass away so that we may become renewed by the time spring – Aries energy – arrives.

Pisces, the 12th and final sign in the zodiac, represents closure. It’s time to put the old to rest, and get ready for renewal. Death, healing, is a process. It takes some doing of the feeling

Here's a 3-card spread to help you get clear on what those feels are: 

  1. What emotion is ready to come up?

  2. What energy do I need to call in to heal?

  3. Where are my strongest supports?

A bonus move: Flip over the deck of remaining cards and pull the bottom card. This will be the root cause of your issues.