Our first-ever Creators Workshop was unreal

Creators Workshop-4827.jpg

On Saturday, January 13, we hosted our first-ever Creators Workshop: Defining Your Creative Process. A diverse group of seriously funny, smart, and open-minded individuals from all walks of life came together at Shecosystem Coworking & Wellness for an afternoon of nurturing and exploring their creative process.

We talked about what the “creative process” means to us at The Salvage, myths about creativity, and ways of grounding the experience of getting ready to create. Discussion was genuine and I definitely teared up a few times. Kait led the group through writing prompts to inspire creative fertility for 2018, while acknowledging and honoring what 2017 had taught us.

Kait, Mary and I are pretty much still floored by the experience. People bought tickets. To listen to us talk. About stuff we’ve held close to our hearts and lived so thoroughly. And. They…enjoyed it?! It was definitely a dream come true for The Salvage.

Hosting intimate community events has always been a passion of mine and I cannot wait for the next one. We’re already talking about it, so I’m sure the wait won’t be long.

Mary took some beautiful photos of the day (check out that unreal GROUP HUG!). Have a look: