Long weekend/Virgo season roundup

Hello! Welcome to September, you regal rubies! Virgo season is upon us, which is going down Aug 22 - Sept. 22. Virgo is all about order, systematizing things and increasing efficiency, so it calls on us to whip our adulting game into shape. That's what this roundup is all about - getting your shit together for the fall and winter. 

So firstly: In case you didn't know Beyonce is a Virgo (her birthday is TODAY), and now is the time to listen to her song Gift from Virgo and then also check this out this page on her site where Michelle Obama pays homage with a glorious Formation-inspired portrait. 

The AstroTwins have given us permission to 'tumble down that rabbit hole of self-obsession a bit during Virgo season—in the name of knowing thyself' in Virgo Season: 7 Ways To Increase Your Efficiency by September 22. Because nothing happens without self-awareness.  

It's Self-love September in the land of Kelly-Ann Maddox, my favourite witchy Youtuber. Check out her first vid of the month, Confronting Addiction. Oh, and also her second which just came out: Boundaries for Difficult Relationships. 

Find out how your particular zodiac sign gets their shit together in these September Horoscopes from Coveteur

Here's everything you need to know about wellness according to Erykah Badu including vagina-flavour tips (actually) and how she gives herself a time-out (there's a teepee involved. Naturally.) 

Virgo, the 12th sign in the zodiac, is associated with The Hermit, the 12th card in the major arcana. The Hermit is all about solitude and contemplation. Here's a journal prompt for the Hermit from The Tarot Lady

In Flare magazine, 4 seasoned activists talk about staying motivated while sustaining movement, self-care and squad-care. Also: here's a roundup of organizations that work to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx and other populations safe after Hurricane Harvey, and how you can support them.

Now's the time to practice what we preach and just do what we're here to do - love yourself and ya neighbor. <3 Sending you good vibes AS ALWAYS. 

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