I don't need to go on a digital "diet" or "detox," thank you

Unpopular opinion: I don't feel bad about sacrificing "living in the moment" at any given time for sharing on social media. Why? Because social media is a big part of my life. It's a big part of my identity and how I actively shape it and enjoy it day to day.

Is spending time on it over some other form of recreation something I should feel bad about? No. I don't need to put myself on a "diet" or "detox" from social media because I don't think this is a problem. I'm not suffering or neglecting anything. I JUST LIKE IT. Can we leave it at that? 

Bethany Mota has a different relationship with it than I do, and that's OK, but when I read this article about taking a digital detox I was like, "Are we still damn talking about social media like it's some kind of demon?"

Bethany writes,

I found myself feeling like I had to share everything I did. And I mean everything: from my morning cappuccino to my favorite red sneakers to the latest inspo quote I came across. I even started to feel guilty if I just went to the movies for fun, like What could I be doing on social media? Sometimes, I went places for the sole reason of showing other people on social media that I’d been there.

And, TBH: I've had the same thought, thinking about social media when I'm with people or doing something interesting in the world. Like Bethany, sharing what I'm doing on social media is a big part of my side hustle as a writer. Writing and creating is my first love and passion. When I'm engaging on social media, I feel like: I'm literally engaging in creative work. I'm making connections with other creative people. I'm gathering inspiration. I don't want, and I wouldn't want anyone, to feel guilty for wanting to do them in whatever way expanded their creativity and general sense of access to opportunities. And furthermore, going out, for me, sometimes, is like, enhanced by sharing on social media. (Side note: I will say that when I've been depressed or when feel like I start to hate myself, social media gives me another reason to leave my house to do something. It's been like, a motivator.)

Balance is good. Yes. It's important. But mostly, I think we should acknowledge that "balance" is another idealized, unattainable thing, and that a life worth living is one that's characterized by a disproportionate amount of time spent doing things you just love, rather than seeking moderation in contrived attempts to reach some "happiness" AND FEELING GUILTY WHEN YOU FAIL. 

Anyway, thank you for sharing, Bethany, and I hope you don't feel guilty anymore, because guilt is a waste of energy. And you kill it at Youtube. I'd just say keep killing it because it's working for you. And me, not depriving myself of what I really like, is working for me, because I'VE DECIDED IT IS. Because I trust myself to know what I need and want - and that is NOT another time-out. Or detox. Or diet. I'm so over it.