Your July Tarot Forecast

Hey hello, happy July fam! I still don’t know where tf June went, but there’s still 3 and a half weeks left of July -  better late than never for this July tarot forecast. I've done a 3-card spread that'll tell us what blessings are on the table for us this month, what challenging energies will come up, and what action we can take to rise above it. Hopefully it helps you on your journey. Bombest blessings!

Blessings: Queen of Wands

One of my all-time favourite interpretations of the Queen of Wands came from a reader in Toronto. He said: “She’s a strong leader and she doesn’t take any shit from anyone, but when things don’t go her way, she takes her wand and smashes everything to pieces.

The blessing for July might feel like a double-edged sword. That part of you that feels most firey, most in your power - most like a kween - is the place you’ll want to stay in close contact with this month. This Queen is determined and charismatic and always gets whatever she puts her mind to - but she also reminds us that patience is an important part of the process too. Be the queen, but be loving. You're burning bright this month - you don't need to force things. Trust yourself. Whatever makes you feel like a bad bitch, just do it.

 Challenges: Knight of Pentacles 

The Knight of Pentacles is one of the most methodical of all the knights. He's all about putting in the werk. But rather than charge forward rambunctiously like other nights in the court cards, he prefers to apply careful consideration to his moves (see him sitting on his coin, contemplating. looking in to the distance). He represents focus, meticulousness, and straight-up routine work. In the challenge position, this can become an oppressive energy for us creative souls. Are you feeling the grind? Losing sight of your end-goal? Or maybe questioning your investment?

Here's some good news: under the direction of the Queen of Wands this knight can think laterally. Use your creative vision to stoke your drive. How can you renew or refresh your commitment to your goals? 

Actions: 2 of Cups

This card is about an alignment of values, fun, and partnerships that feel effortless. That's where the power is this July. In this card, two people value and treasure, and see, the other. This could represent a work alliance, a romantic relationship, or a friend who'll be a key support this month. In my deck, The Herbal Tarot, I like how the two people are looking directly into each other’s eyes. To me, this emphasizes not just feeling comfortable in yourself and with someone else, but being willing to see beyond the superficial in each other. That's where the magic happens. 

Spot, and stoke, those partnerships that lead you into other dimensions in yourself. Where are your power relationships? Who do you feel most yourself with? Make some playdates now.