Creator Profile: Macey Cohen, Canadian metalsmith in Mehico

Macey Cohen is a skilled-ass manifester. She moved to Mexico 2 years ago after getting certified as a metal smith and has since set up a home, established a jewellery brand, and secured a steady job as a teacher. She's living in alignment with her truth and that's why I admire her. 

Macey Cohen, AKA Jane Dope has lush ideas about beauty, human relationships, institutions, and manages to convey so much of this in her pieces. Her work is created with careful intention, which is exactly why it resonates with people who like to live and dress with intention too (my witchiest friends are among her fans). 

Here, we talk about pursuing your dreams, how Mexican art is different from Toronto's, and not giving a fuck about art school. 

 Humble Hands earrings 

Humble Hands earrings 

Instagram: @jane.dope_

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Macey Cohen and I am from Toronto. I make jewellery and I teach English.

If you had stayed in Toronto..
If I had stayed in Toronto I would have been unhappy because I wouldn´t have followed my dream. I was unhappy for most of my early 20s and it´s because I was focusing so much on something big I wanted but felt I couldn´t pursue. I would probably be ruminating on the same things if I were there now.

How is Mexico City art different from Toronto art? 
One great difference I´ve noticed is that Toronto art is pretty obsessed with what art school you went to and it oftentimes seems oblivious or in denial of this obsession, and Mexico City really couldn´t care less. As I write this I realize I haven´t heard about a single art school while I´ve been living here, at a gallery, party or in any conversation.

What do you love most about art, design, fashion and jewellery in Mexico?
The colors and textures in Mexican art, design, and fashion are generally amazing. But I think what I love most is the freedom to approach these areas from any starting point.

What are your essential art tools? 
Essential art tools are blank paper and a good pen. And since I make jewellery, a calculator.

What’s your morning routine? 
I teach English so most mornings I wake up at 6:45, wash my face, brush my teeth, take my dog out and then walk to school. On the weekends it´s anyone´s game, but I´m at my bench by 11.

Is there a book that changed your world-view? 
I don´t think any one book has shook my world view into something unrecongnizable from it´s previous position but there are many that I have read that leave me with book-beer-goggles for months after. I just finished The Closing of the Western Mind which was about the West leaving philosophical logic behind and adapting Christianity. I thought a lot about Christianity after that one. One Hundred Years of Solitude is like reading a rainbow, and Dubliners by Joyce makes me feel like I´m in Ireland. I like books that give you a cloud to hang about in after.

What do you do when you’re not making jewellery? 
When I´m not making jewellery or teaching I´m walking my dog, reading, watching the same 3 TV shows I like: staring at the ceiling or annoying my boyfriend.

Where can we find you?
YOU CAN FIND ME IN YOUR HEARTS and also on the internet, on Etsy, and Instagram.

 Lapis lazuli cufflinks

Lapis lazuli cufflinks

 Morganite pendant

Morganite pendant