Weekend Roundup: Have a safe and happy Pride!

Toronto's Pride Parade is one of many happening this Sunday. Kait is meeting up with family to celebrate; Elizabeth is typing this out at her kitchen table, avoiding natural light. Have a great time, wherever you are - and stay safe. Do kids still do drum circles at Queen's Park? 

Here are some of our favourite things we found around the web this week to read when you get home, on your commute down to a Pride event, or at your kitchen table avoiding natural light:

From Elizabeth

Today, Eid al-Fitr begins, marking the end of Ramadan for Muslims around the world. I was curious about learning more about Eid, so I started here.

It may be from 2014, but it will never get old: 13 lies we have to stop telling about bisexuals.

Coming off of my show last week, this article on artists and not becoming complicit with gentrification really hit home. 

This Nova Scotia coffee house posted a sign that spoke to my heart.

My current favourite Facebook page is Fuck the 150th and I hope I'm driving everyone crazy with the reposts.

Also another oldie but goodie: Meet the trans women who put Stonewall on the map.

Serious shit: women are flocking to wellness because Western medicine doesn't take them seriously. As someone who suffered from endometriosis without being diagnosed until they were 26, I have to agree.

From Kait

I heart The Hermit's Lamp podcast rn; it’s all about Tarot, Orisha, Magick and integrating spirituality into your life. He put out a new episode yesterday on better boundaries. Go down the rabbit hole with this podcast, I tell you!!

If you read Tarot, check out this series of writings on all the ways in which a great reading happens.

Tarot YouTube goddess Kelly Ann Maddox made a vid on choosing to be child-free - thoughts, stories, advice.

Fuck a new summer wardrobe - cast a glamour spell instead.

Also, fuck everything else - here’s 10 farms for strawberry picking near Toronto.

This article on the Modern Appeal of Mystical Healing was an interesting and kind of challenging read: “Modern life means we’re bombarded with such a deluge of information on a daily basis, and so any practice that taps us into our own inner knowing, or helps us connect to the right choices for us is becoming not only more appealing but also a necessity…

Read this piece if you hate the horrible assumptions associated with being a millennial.

Anyway, Justin and Sophie are coming to Pride today.