Friday Feeling: a short and sweet list of things we liked this week

Hiiiiii happy weekend!!

As I write this I'm sitting in my home office (by that I mean the awkward corner of my apartment with this weird extra space where I stuffed a cafe table) looking out at this SHIT WEATHER. It's SHIT. (That's my Friday feeling. SHIT.) Not really spirits are being lifted by the fact that it is Friday and ALMOST SUMMER but for now, I'm mostly just really excited that I have a weekend of nothing planned praise goddess. I hope you too feel as celebratory about a rainy weekend as I do. 

So...for your weekend readinz: 

(GLORIOUSLY PICTURED ABOVE:) Craig Calhoun’s cinnabon frosting Twitter pic -- FUCK YEAH TORONNO

Publishing Tips for the Existentially Endangered by Bardia Sinaee for Open Book We’re all dying, but some of us are closer to that last hour than most. This column reveals some unexpected considerations that a young and maybe-moribund writer might confront. It’s got an optimistic tone, however, and it’ll spur you to write more before you receive your ever-encroaching final reward.

Tarot newbies! Here's a helpful introductory podcast episode from the internet queen of tarot, Biddy Tarot: "What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Reading Tarot"

Here are 7 self-care treats for creative people via She Does the City curated by your friend Kait. Essential oils, oracle cards, planners and more.  

Mara Wilson (formerly MATILDA) is the best. She also knows your (my?) first crush was Ms. Honey. Here she is on Autostraddle, waxing about sexuality, body image, and writing. Also check her out on Sarah Starrs' rad podcast, The Girl Gang Conversations. This episode is called "Doing the work is the secret to being creative"

Artists: see these painting spells for smashing the patriarchy from feminist mystic Rebecca Artemisa.

My all-time favourite youtuber Kelly-Ann Maddox shared a tarot spread for healing that I discovered on tarotstellaria’s Instagram:

1. Why haven't I fully healed yet?
2. How can I ensure that I remain on the healing journey?
3. What can I do to ensure that I take healing seriously and give it my all?
4. What should I avoid at all cost?
5. What are the hidden issues/blind spots?
6. What would be helpful to remember whenever the pain comes up?

 Write here...

Write here...