Friday Feeling: bonus Sunday (or, long weekend Monday) edition

HI EVERYONE happy long weekend. Did everyone watch fireworks and have fun last night? Or, did you, like me, simply hear some in the distance from your living room and wonder wtf they were? Yolo! But fun fact: According to Wikipedia, Victoria Day serves as the unofficial marker of the end of the winter social season, and thus the beginning of the summer social calendar. I'll take it! Good times are on the horizon, babies. 

This week's roundup is, as uje, a mixed bag of whatever we thought was creative / interesting / helpful on the interwebs this week:  

Creating your altar: A beginner’s guide - Donyae Coles at Spiral Nature wrote this piece JUST in time. I'm moving into a new apartment next weekend and mark words my new spot is gunna have a dope altar. MARK. MY. WORDS.

... it's also ideally going to look like a jungalow (ala Max's bedroom from Where the Wild Things Are.) Thanks to THIS 29secrets article, this now seems a more attainable goal. 

For peeps who want to go deep with their personal healing journey, check out Jessi Huntenberg's Fave Witchy Shadow Work Resources. This is a solid overview for peeps who want to learn more about shadow work. 

OK Toronto NEEDS to do this - drag queen story hour that 'puts the rainbow in reading' at the library for kids. 

Top 10 places to take a walk in Toronto summer's here y'all and my idea of a good time is actually just walking aimlessly. 

Tarot peeps - do you listen to the Tarot Lady's podcast, Tarot Bytes? It's bomb - "bite sized lessons for tarot beginners" every Sunday. V. helpful if you're learning the card definitions. 

On journalism, perspective, and one indigenous writer's career journey - Why white guys shouldn't be writing Native stories via NOW magazine.

Here's an interesting perspective on healing for peeps who suffer from chronic pain.

Lastly, Vice Asked People to Sum Up Their Most Regretful One-Night Stands in Six Words and I just can't resist sharing these BRILLIANT poetic examples with you. 


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