Friday Feeling: Kait and Elizabeth lurk the Internet this week

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FIRSTLY, I would like to say sign up for our newsletter, The Wave, coming to your inbox at a TBC time. This week we acquired someone who was interested in running it, and she's fantastic (from what I remember of my undergrad), so we're excited!!!!

gal-dem is seriously one of my favourite websites and this article on vintage clothes/cultural appropriation is near and dear to my heart.

It's #NationalPoetryMonth, so if you're interested, here are thirteen ways to look at poetry (and don't ever think you're above form!).

Speaking of're in Toronto, hit that "going" button to show your support for our friend JM Francheteau.

If you're looking for some poetry you probably haven't read, try Amiri Baraka

Someone I've been following for a while is trying to raise money for a life-changing top surgery. Bryce deserves your money - give it to him (even though you're giving USD...LIKE I DID! BECAUSE IT MATTERS!)

NO ONE HERE CARES BUT ME, BUT Harry Styles' madly-anticipated, debut solo single has dropped and I LOVE HIS VOICE but why is it almost six minutes?!


Give Carrie Mallon's Psychospiritual tarot-themed journal prompts a try!

A new podcast I found and liked - from Slack, about the meaning and identity we find in work. 

How Spending Time Alone Makes You Better To Be Around by Kaitlin Wylde via Nylon.

Article via Flare mag, @annetdonahue says we all need to leave @selenagomez (and @theweeknd) alone. It's becoming toxic. Anne nails it with the tone.

Here's some SoundCloud wisdom via @KellyAnnMaddox on using the "grand vision" as a navigational tool and just taking it one step at a time:

.....AAAAAnd I wrote a review of a cool book on Spiral Nature, The Green Wiccan Herbal, by Silja!