Friday Feeling: a short and sweet list of things you should check out

Happy weekend, y'all. Here's some fun stuff I'm particularly drawn to this week. I've missed out on 90% of the gorgeous spring weather we're currently having here in Toronto, but it's produced quite the roundup :) Also, the cover image looks eerily similar to how I've been in my down time...

Local Toronto friend Nick and his band Fast Romantics released an album today! Stream it now.

Once again, I'm challenging myself to do the #SelfLoveBootcamp on Instagram. Learn more about it on self-love guru Kenzie Brenna's website, and fucking join me. I just signed up - and I'll be writing about it...

REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS my current object of obsession Harry Styles announced his tour today and you bet I will be snagging tickets for his Toronto date.

In more important news, we sent out the first edition of our newsletter The Wave earlier this week :) sign up if you haven't already!

If you're in Toronto, Collective Being is run by two lovely ladies (one of whom I know personally) and regularly hosts wellness events that I wish I could attend. Throw them a Like on Facebook! Maybe one day I'll go outside again.

Another Canlit small press book is born! Grab a copy of the latest issue by Pictures and Portraits, Cause/Analysis on their website. (PS: Your girl may or may not be in it, courtesy of Trevor Abes.)