Carl Jung made me want to buy a house

The idea of owning a house never seemed exciting to me. I appreciate my cheap apartment and the ability to travel fairly easily, and I’d just never really seen a model of "home-ownership" that fit my needs or felt alive. Until I read Carl Jung’s POV.

If you don’t know much about Jung, he was a Swiss psychiatrist who's work was about dreams, archetypes, and the collective unconscious. He helped his clients overcome psychological blocks based on their dreams and memories, and other things. So basically, he lived in ideas all his life (much like I dream of doing!) - hence, you can imagine my surprise when this man of all people really inspired me to lock down a mortgage and claim homeowner status. 

In his biography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, he writes about his first owned house (and he called it 'The Tower'), and how he built it when he decided that: “words and paper did not seem real enough… something more was needed. I had to achieve a kind of representation in stone of my innermost thoughts and of the knowledge I had acquired.” His home, like his body of work, was to be a further extension of his inner world. It would allow him to continue of all his (highly creative) work he'd done up til then.

This particular desire to / plan for putting roots down in the world, (settling on one city, committing to a mortgage) doesn't feel like any kind of end to personal freedom. To Jung, it was the opposite - an expansion of it. This physical and "practical" creation, to him, was going to be limit-pushingly imaginative.

And it was - he looked inside himself to “see” his home before he built it:

[I] didn’t plan a proper house, but merely a kind of primitive one-story dwelling. It was to be a round structure with a hearth in the centre and bunks along the walls. I more or less had in mind an African hut where the fire, ringed by a few stones, burns in the middle, and where the whole life of the family revolves around in the centre.
— Carl Jung

It was exactly in the vein of his work, his round structure, symbolizing community and wholeness. It was basically Jung-themed. Reading about his unconventional plans made me wonder, in what ways have I let my thoughts around home-ownership be limited by what anyone else does?

Maybe, I guess, for some reason I could only see people who talked about homes or interior decor - lifestyle, proper - as an example of it. But I don't want to live like anyone who's into spending time arranging cushions, or pruning hedges (unless it looks like some Alice in Wonderland shit), so why would I look to that? I don't have to and that's OK. If I want to call my house a tower and make it circular, who cares? If I want to paint it all red, who cares? I do want a house. I just want it to be Kait-themed. 

I want the roots I put down, the commitments I make, to support me in all the ways - in growing, in being imaginative, in staying true to myself - not ever feel confining.

My roof, my rules, right?