Some thoughts on Energy Management

Hi friends. Kait Fowlie here! Your friend, from the internet, and also real life! Glad you're here on The Salvage checking things out. Please get comfy and hang around here for as long as you like! You're free to loiter without purchasing anything!

I'll be checking in here from time to time, waxin' about random things, mostly energy, tarot, and generally whatever I feel like sharing a thought on, from the wiiiiild world of wellness, so if you dig that kind of thing or you just want to know more about my personal life (I'm really interesting) you might be interested to see what I have to say about it. Or not! Who cares? I don't know, not me, definitely not me!

Anyway, onto our regular scheduled programming! Today I'm going to talk to you about being productive without getting burnt out. This is something I've thought about a lot and think is really important. I'm still learning my way around this - managing my energy while being productive and effective in full time job and my side hustle. This is a main area of focus in my life and has been for the past few years, since it brings me a lot of fulfilment to work toward creating something. Anything, really. I love creating things. Putting my mark on shit. Love it!

I've always been driven, goal-oriented and creative by nature... and, if you're the same, you know how this trait combo doesn't always serve us. For me, it means I'll find that I'm more comfortable working, at any given time. Generating output to just put my mind at ease, and make me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile - even if I'm not. Then, it's not about the work. 

I've decided that it's important to work toward self-awareness on the job, as a creative person, in equal measure to the way I work toward actually producing. This is something that's really on my radar right now. I need to be an enforcer of my boundaries, my energy, and notice when it's slipping away from me, if I want to avoid slipping into overwork at any given time. This is key for avoiding long-term burnout, I think. Ain't. Nobody. Got. Time. For. That. 

Keeping all of this in mind, here are some supportive thoughts that help me make sure I remain that keen-bean enforcer of my energy:

An email, text, or call isn't necessarily a call to action. 
When someone reaches out with a request it doesn't mean we need to immediately indulge the knee-jerk desire to take action. We’re not workhorses, and chances are the person reaching out doesn't think we are, so there's no need to respond like that. I wouldn't want someone to think my request was a demand. Ever! We choose how we respond and we choose how we let people know we want to be treated.

I don't need to prove anything.
The temptation to "prove ourselves" can creep in and try and make us think it’s important, but it’s always ego; ego is a cunning, salty-ass bitch. We don't need to do anything extra or go out of our way to prove we're involved, valuable, or smart. Why would we? Our work speaks for itself. Always. ALWAYS! 

Allowing mental rest is NOT laziness or narrow-mindedness. 
Listen, we're human. "You're human, Kait!" I'll say to myself. We all need to shut down our brains sometimes. We can still be self-aware, engaged citizens and have periods of time when we're consciously not learning, not consuming any new information! There needs to be a time for integration and rest. The creatively compulsive part of my brain doesn't believe this and I have to remind it. Smelly, salty humans. Brains aren't machines. Not like Penny from Inspector Gadget's computer book.   

"Not knowing" takes a lot of energy. 
"Not knowing" happens, every stage of life. It's a fact. But dwelling on this and worrying about it takes a lot of energy. And it takes a ton more if you keep focusing on what we don't know than what we do know. being in this place and stressing about it means that we're at least aware enough to have a basic sense of what it is we don't know, and that's something to rest on, I say. Maya Angelou I think would advise us: do what you know, until it gradually leads you to the next step. Then you won't grasp, you won't "strive." You won't freak out and do a bunch of shit you regret. Do what you know. Do it with intention. 

Forgive likeability. 
If we want to do what we reckon matters to us, then being likeable can’t be a top priority. It just can't. We need to focus on our own shit no matter what. We just have to. I strive to focus on my own shit and I admire people who do, so much. If someone doesn't like us, or doesn't like that we said no to them and they're disappointed, they can suck it. Boo hoo. Boo fucking hoo. 

OK that's all for now! Have a great day everyone and make sure you keep your energy on lock. I'm off to disappoint someone now!

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