Holiday Gift Guide #3: The creative who has a million side projects but still makes time for self-care

Nothing burns energy quite like working on a creative project that's close to your heart. Making our art happen is a form of work unlike any other, and self-care is a key part of that creative process - it must be, if it's to be sustainable. Give that hustlin' pal on your list a gift that'll help keep their mind, bod, and soul strong, vital, and fit for realizing their magic (health = wealth, after all). Here are 9 ideas we dig for that superstar someone: 


A We'Moon planner ($19.95)

This is the planner for people who would rather tell time by the sun and moon, eat when they're hungry, obey their intuition over their municipal government, read a Farmer's Almanac over a Globe and Mail. It's a cult favourite that's been published for 37 years, loved for its daily dose of astrological wisdom. Stay on top of your daily life, but in touch with your higher self. 


The Full Moon Sachets ($35,

These custom blends of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms help reverse the effects of stress to nourish the revitalize the bod. This box of 12 sachets comes with (2 of each): SpiritBeautyPowerBrainDream and Sex. You mix them with smoothies or tea or juice. 


Adrenal Tincture ($25, Likely General)

Because holy fucking fuck, 2017 was a workout for everyone's adrenals -  and creative / empathic people even more so. This blend of rhodiola root, ashwagandha root, hawthorne leaf, and licorice root works to restore balance and rejuvenate these precious glands. 

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The Salvage Holiday Relax Ritual Kit ($15 - $20)

Our curated holiday ritual kit comes with everything you need for a personal ritual - a bottle of bath salt, a floating candle, a roll-on aromatherapy oil, a stick of palo santo, and a crystal. New year's coming, bbs - its intention-setting time. 


Blackbird Incense Pyres in Sepulchre ($30,

A sepulcher is a tomb or small room used for burial - which sounds v. gloomy, but the Blackbird interpretation of the scent is thought-provoking and creativity-enhancing. Each cone burns for 15 mins. That's enough time to get settled and in the zone.  


Passport to Prana Multi-Studio Yoga Pass ($30)

This inexpensive pass will get you one year of unlimited drop-in yoga classes at 60+ participating studios in Toronto. Go to as many studios as you can for one year, one class per studio. It's great for trying to find a yoga style that works, or just checking out the different studios the city has to offer.


Chocosol Eating Chocolate in Five Chili Bullet (75% cacao) (price not listed on website, but still a great idea)

Burning the midnight oil? Need a pick me up, you say? Stone-ground, 75% dark chocolate, handmade in Toronto can help with that. Eating Chocosol is a sublime experience any chocolate lover must know. 


A Tarot Reading ($45.00 - 170.00)

A tarot reading just puts things in perspective in a way that feels like a brush with the divine. With a good reader, it's a memorable experience that acts as a milestone - very conducive to forward momentum. We heart local reader Liz Worth, who writes her own collections of poetry, as well as an astrology column for Flare and reads weekly at Likely General on Roncy. 


Cards for Self-Care by Be With ($35.00, or get a mini deck for $5.50)

This is a deck of thirty-six cards divided into 6 categories: write, speak, ask, rest, move and affirm. Shuffle the deck, and get a simple prompt to help you practice self-care. Perf. for when you come home from a stressful day and have no idea where to start. 

We have no affiliation with any of these brands! We just love what they have. Want more gift recommendations? Send us an email or hit us up on Twitter!