Momentum-Generating Rituals for New Year's Day

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I don’t have any official New Year’s Day rituals that I return to year over year (I’m a slippery Pisces), but I do always note the occasion in some way. I’ve had New Year’s Days that look like me going for Indian food with my friends or lazing around with lovers. I’ve had New Years Days that see me cleaning the shit out of my apartment and burning incense. I believe in being pragmatic about these kinds of things. Hence, I’m not a big planner or orchestrator with personal rituals. There’s power in simplicity, imo. It’s about being present, honouring the past year with love, and welcoming the next with optimism. However you can do that is best, really.

All that said, the energy around this time of year is powerful for all of us and there are things we can do to help us harness that energy and generate some forward momentum.

Here are some ideas for your first day of 2018:

If you’re a tarot person, do a year ahead spread. I’ve heard of some tarot readers planning their year ahead with tarot, picking one card for each month and writing it in their planner so they can check back in with it. This seems a bit daunting to me, tbh, and will generally pull monthly / weekly / daily draws through the year, or just whenever, so a full-year spread doesn't really make sense for me. 

Last year, I did do a year ahead spread, and returning to it was pretty striking; very on-point. I made the spread like a feng shui bagua, pulling a card for each “compartment” of my life. This is the layout I follow to make vision boards, so it seemed like an intuitive sort of spread for me:


I took a picture of my spread, wrote a bit and saved it in my google drive. I'm really glad I did. I'm planning to journal about it before I pull cards for 2018. 

AND/OR: Find your tarot card for the year. I love doing this. To do it you add the number of the day and the month you were born to the year you want to check your card for. (So, for me, born March 2, I do 2+3+2018 = 2023. Then add up 2+0+2+3) My card is the 7th in the major arcana, which is the Chariot. If you like the idea of having a card for your year, watch Kelly-Ann Maddox talk more about it.  This can be a good place to start off setting intentions for the year ahead. 

If you've already done your planning / philosophizing for the year ahead, make New Years Day the day you start - act on, one intention. So, purge your apartment of any signs of your old room mate, or any clothes you fucking hate. Book a flight. Or an appointment with a financial advisor. Etc. Even if you don't feel like it, “going through the motions” sends the right message to the universe (or your brain, if you like). Set yourself up physically and spatially for success. MOMENTUM. One step at a time.

If you don't have any idea where to start with new year intention setting / resolutions / whatever, and feel overwhelmed and bad, then just visualize stuff. Get out of your head, stop thinking about the future, what you “should” do, and visualize what you want. Do it on paper. Do it in the bath. Do it on a walk outside. Our desires are powerful. Bringing our awareness to them makes them even more so. Start there. 

Above all, honour yourself. Honour the body and mind and spirit that got you through 2017. Honour that you'll keep going. Make a choice today to keep moving forward with self-love and self-respect and eyes wide open. Happy 2018 bbs.