Holiday Gift Guide #1: The Cozy Guy


Gifting season is officially upon us! Inspired by the annual Cup of Jo gift guides, I wanted to make these more personal and relevant for my people – the sensitive, artsy, weird, and sometimes financially strapped. Thinking about what to give someone is a special practice for me, and honestly, I think I nail it 100% of the time (no one has told me otherwise, so there!).

Here is what I would buy for the many open-hearted, down-to-earth, cozy guys in my life:


A fresh, exfoliating face scrub (and some insight on why moisturizing is important!) – Lush Ocean Salt ($21.95)


Beautiful candles with beautiful scents to calm and soothe the spirit – Paddywax Apothecary Tobacco and Patchouli ($25)


Everything is better when lit with a match. Naturally, everyone needs this Match Striker from Milkweed ($35, plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $65!).


Honestly, grocery store chocolate bars aren't always the best for an indulgent moment. Treat your friend to these Mini Dark Bars from Soma ($4.50 each or $25 for a mixed bag!)


The gift that'll keep giving all year long. Get a subscription from YoSox! ($72/year) You know what they say...socks!


The scarf he didn't know he needed even though you keep talking about how amazing it is – this Infinity Scarf ($19.99).


A beautiful print from an emerging artist like James Yeboah ($20 or custom order) – we’re big fans of his When Black Boys Cry series.


This book changed my perspective on what meditation means to me – There is no right way to meditate by Yumi Sakugawa ($15.50)

We have no affiliation with any of these brands! We just love what they have to offer. Want more gift recommendations? Send us an email or hit us up on Twitter!