What is The Salvage?

Inspired by the realities of life, The Salvage is a blog rooted in intersectional feminism and dedicated to the creative process. From mental health to artist profiles to the realities of working in a coffee shop for minimum wage, we strive to show that a life doesn't have to imitate a highlight reel. 

The Salvage is named for Daphne Marlatt's collection of revisited poetry Salvage (Red Deer College Press, 1991):

Daphne Marlatt’s Salvage spans two decades, two life-times almost [ . . .]. From Steveson on the Fraser River, to Vancouver’s East End Chinatown, to the discovery of the community of women writers drawn together by language, she re-traces her steps through time, over space, and across cultures.


Our team

We are a bunch of artist/writer/whatever women who don't spend a lot of (see: any) time together, but are aligned in ways that matter. 

Elizabeth Burns is a writer who found a way to be paid for her meticulous organization and planning.  

Kait Fowlie is a Toronto-based writer interested in wellness and the creative process.

Mary Assenza is a painter, photographer and filmmaker who honestly makes art just because she has more feels than even her therapist can handle. 

Shia Labour is not a Geminian actor and performance artist based out of Los Angeles, but a Libran writer from Ottawa.

Sara McGuire does not have a bio yet.