The Salvage

Inspired by the realities of life, The Salvage is a collective dedicated to the creative process and the practice of being human. Offering tips on wellness for creators, discoveries in art, and discussion on mental health, we collaborate to amplify our experiences. 

We seek to derive inspiration from the self, creating a stronger connection to the world around us.

Our Team

Founder/Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Burns is a writer who found a way to be paid for her meticulous organization and planning.  

Marketing & Partnerships Director Kait Fowlie is a Toronto-based writer interested in wellness and the creative process.

Art Director Mary Assenza is a painter, photographer and filmmaker who honestly makes art just because she has more feels than even her therapist can handle. 


The Salvage is named for Daphne Marlatt's collection of revisited poetry Salvage (Red Deer College Press, 1991):

Daphne Marlatt’s Salvage spans two decades, two life-times almost [ . . .]. From Steveson on the Fraser River, to Vancouver’s East End Chinatown, to the discovery of the community of women writers drawn together by language, she re-traces her steps through time, over space, and across cultures.